50 Job Interview Questions and Answers you must know:

1- How do you see yourself eligible for this job?

I’m keen to learn and can handle large number of people at the same time. I can work with many different types of people and I believe that I am very inquisitive. Your company needs an employee who can handle and manage people, plus learn about management related technology introduced each day. I am aware of the pace at which this company is moving forward and I am sure I can move on with this company at a fast pace. This is why I consider myself eligible for this job

2- Why do you think you must take this job?

In my academic life I had made up my mind to get involved in management at the professional level. One of the reasons why I have applied for this job is the same lust for fulfilling the dream. I explored my skills and polished them during my bachelor’s degree program. I have been in search for the kind of job I have applied for since the time I passed out as a graduate. By looking at the kind of job this one is, I am sure this is the one on which I can work very well and is according to my nature and skills.

3- How can you be beneficial for our company?

  I know your company has a good reputation in the market. I have studied a lot about your company and have proposed many plans earlier in an email to your Human Resource department. I am glad that I had got good response. Some of my ideas have already been discussed in your company’s meetings. As I just mentioned that this is the job which matches my interests, i consider myself purely beneficial to your company.

4- What can you offer me that another person can't?

I’ve been determined to work in all the previous jobs that I did. But the element missing in those jobs was my interest. Since this job is the one I can guarantee to be very good at, I can give you persistence which I couldn’t give to the other companies in the past. Loyalty is something I have always been good at, so this is something I always give to the companies, but yeah…persistence is something which I can only give you. I will stick to your company as long as I can.

5- If you could choose any company to work for, where would you go?

I would definitely never go to another company once I come here. I would rather retire than to join another company. I have been through the job market for a long time, in fact since I graduated and that was like 7 years back. I have seen companies, worked with people. Most of the companies I went in were very slow in development. After studying your company for 3 years, I consider this company to be the best for me.

6- What do you think management is?

  In my view, management is something which is an ability of a person to organize things the best way possible. Some people manage things and people on ad hoc basis. But management, to me, is a planned and systematic way of organizing stuff at hand. Management is not only done at work or academic life, even the own life of a person is something to be managed. Our life’s plans and activities depict how managed we are.

7- What was your previous job?

I worked as a Sales Representative in a company. My work was to generate leads and do sales with the prospects. I used to go to different companies and give presentations on the products made by our company. Sometimes my job was to gather information about a product to be made by our company. In the latter cases, I went to customers and took note of the essential stuff needed to make the product. Mostly, I was sent to the customer to deliver the product as well and present the product to the customer at the time of delivery.

8- How is this job better than your previous job? I told you my job was of a sales person, something I never thought of becoming during my academic life. I always wanted to work with people, not products. My previous job demanded presentation skill, something I am good at but don’t enjoy using them. Whereas I always wanted to go to management, handle people and different projects. Work in diverse environments.  I believe this job gives me exactly what I wanted to work in.

9- Why did you leave your previous job? I was good at presenting products and meet customers so my company was highly dependent on me. Most of the time, I was assigned duties almost the whole time the office was on. I believed I am being assigned something which I am not destined to do. I may be very good at it, but management is something which is my destiny. I can put in more effort in this job and can be extremely productive for this company. When this job caught my eye, I made up my mind to quit the previous job.

10- What was the best experience in your career? I have had many experiences and I am still looking for better experiences related to wok and people during my earlier jobs. The best experience was at the time when the last company I left conducted interviews for fresh graduates and I was a part of the interviewer’s panel. I loved talking to people and asking about their experiences.

11- What is your best achievement so far? There have been a lot of moments during my professional life when I considered myself very successful. I can narrate you each of them but that would take at least one hour from now. I remember the best experience that I had was when I generated a huge sales for my company and that was about $200, taken form a German company only through my links. My company gave me a promotion and a high raise in salary after this achievement of mine.

12- What has been your worst experience so far in your career? Like I told you, I have had a lot of experiences so far in academic and professional life. The worst experience was, offcourse, related to my previous jobs and related to sales as well. I had to present a custom product to my customer, and I wasn’t told that the product is faulty. The demonstration failed badly and since I was representing my company, I failed to present properly. I had never failed in presentation skills before. That was my worst experience so far.

13- How do you do you define success? To me, success is something which makes you satisfied from inside after you give all your effort and achieve results. I think I have been successful in the eyes of people during my previous jobs but I never think myself to be successful when I worked previously. Whatever I did, I did with loyalty and effort. Most of the times, I got happy when I saw the company flourishing but then I wasn’t satisfied. So to me, success is only the internal satisfaction.

14- What does Failure mean to you? Well, to be honest, whatever is opposite to success that I just defined is failure to me. If I can’t give my best to a company, I’ve failed. No matter how flourished the company is becoming. If I cheated my company, I am a failure. No matter how progressive the company still is. If my heart is not satisfied with the work I have done, I have failed. No matter how much the people like my work.

15- How do you cope up with people during work? As I mentioned earlier, I love working with people. Off course a lot of patience is required when handling people under you but at the end of the day, I mange the relationships with people and maintain my PR. And off course when you work with people you realize that there are good and bad people in every community, even in workspace. I have the skill of developing interest in what I am saying. I can convince people with the word of mouth. So I can say, I am an expert in working with people.

16- Do you like to work with different people in every new project, or you stick to the same people you’ve worked with once? Simple answer, Different people. I love it when I get to handle different types of customers or employees and share the experiences during work. I have this natural ability to learn from people, the non verbal things we teach each other. In every new project, I get to have a new vision of the stuff at hand. And so, it would be best if I have a new team to work on with. I am also a bit talkative, but do healthy talk. I can’t talk to the same people again and again at every project.

17- Have you ever been a team lead in any of your previous jobs? Tell us about your experiences! Oh yeah, many times. The first time I was a team lead, I had to lead a team of sales persons who were to present a product to 5 different departments of our client’s company. I had conducted a short workshop and training on how to present the same product in 5 different ways. The whole thing went very well. The best thing was that people learned a lot from there. And I felt satisfied at heart, in other words, I felt succeeded after training people.

18- What compensation do you expect of this job? To be honest, I never pay heed to the salary or compensation as long as I am enjoying the work. My concern to join this job s to get wider experience in my area of interest, I believe if I work well, money will follow me. The exposure and experience plus the comfort I’ll get in joining this job is very high as compared to any high salary that you can ever offer me. I’m concerned with polishing my skills, professionally and serve your company with the best I can give. Money and other monetary benefits are a topic of secondary importance.

19- Tell us something about the projects you have done in your previous job?. As I told you earlier, the best project I did was a training of the employees which lead to a successful sales for the company. Apart from that I once gave an idea in my company about the generation of leads. This idea was a new one, since the company had been working with clients on ad hoc basis. When I proposed the idea, I was given the responsibility of executing this idea. I took a step, and showed the company that it can flourish better after the idea had been implemented. That was a successful move from my side.

20- How can you handle emergencies during work? This is something I am very good at. I don’t panic during any emergency. If the client has given a task and I know it can’t be fulfilled within stipulated time. I sit back and relax. After that, I do up a pep talk with the people working under me, boost up their morale and motivate them to work over time. In most cases, almost all the employees of the company are willing to join me and I work with them too, even if my job is just to manage the stuff they are supposed to do in time.

21- Were you participative in giving ideas about the development of company in your previous job? Off course I was, I just mentioned you that my previous company had been very passive in development, and even they admit that the current pace at which it is progressing in the market, is mainly because of the ideas I presented to them. Moreover, I also showed them how to practically follow the idea and implement it in real sense. I believe, if I would have had interest in the company’s field work, I would have made the company more progressive.

22- What were the ideas that you gave? How many of them were implemented? Before coming to your 1st question, I would like to answer your 2nd question first. Yes, most of my ideas were implemented. After my first idea was implemented, the boss and the company’s administration really looked up to me for ideas. Coming to your fist question now, I gave my company an idea about lead generation. It was implemented successfully. Then I presented them with an idea of cold calling. That was implemented successfully as well. Since the company’s work was related to sales, these ideas were successful for that company.

23- How do you handle people who lack inquisitive skills? Well, the people really are a bit of a problem to me sometimes. I really look up to work with people who are acute and fast in thinking and learning. But again, handling with people who are not very acute is a skill. And I like to deal with these people. I take it up as a challenge to deal with these people. I try to make them inquisitive about new things in the work place. But never force them to be that.

24- What type of learner are you? If we make you learn some new methods of management here, would you adopt them? Talking about myself, I consider myself to be an acute learner. I learnt a lot in my previous company since it was related to sales and I was a person interested in management. I learnt a lot about sales, so much that I started presenting them with ideas. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to learn a lot after joining this company. I believe learning is a lifelong process.

25- What experience do you have in this field? Related to management, I have the experience of being in the HR department in the first job I had. That was back in 2007, I was in Egypt. It was a good job and I loved it since I loved management.

26- So, why did you leave that job? I had to leave it, do to some personal reasons I had to come back to my country and then I joined a good job here. I really wanted to continue that job for a couple of more years. People were good to work with.

27- What do co-workers say about you? I believe that my coworkers enjoy being with me and working together with me. We work in a light mood and get the jobs done in time. I think that is what is necessary to be successful in a job. My coworkers have never been happy whenever I leave a job. It is like; we never think we are present in a boring office environment. We enjoy doing the work together. I give them respect and they respect me too.

28- What do you know about this organization? A lot, as I told you earlier, I have been knowing your organization for the past 3 years. My previous company has good relations with this company. I was introduced to one of your Project Manager’s when he had come to my previous company. It was good meeting him, he told me about his company and I liked knowing about this company. I have been visiting here for a long while, my previous company sent me here for business purposes. I know almost all the Project Managers. And the way this company works.

29- Are you applying for other jobs? Definitely no. I have been at a good post in my previous job. And I am sure that this company would give me another good post with a good pay. I am confident that I don’t have to go in search of other jobs. So, I really need not apply anywhere else.

30- Do you know anyone who works for us? I just mentioned I know all of your Project Managers. However there is no one whom I know personally. I just know about the staff and the people at the HR department. I know everyone professionally.

31- Are you a team player? Oh yeah definitely. I can say that with full confidence that I am a team player. I can work in a team comfortably and I love to handle big teams, especially when the team involves more heterogeneous type of people. I take it up as a challenge to handle teams of different people. I believe, when they are different natured people working together, you can get the best result possible. And I look forward to achieve the best result always.

32- How long would you expect to work for us if hired? If you are talking in terms of years, then I believe I’ll stick to this company if the environment and nature of job remains as it is now. It also depends on the pay. I believe I’ll have a pay according to my position and job so I’ll stick to this company till I can give the best. But if you’re talking about the work timings, I am pretty convinced after looking at the work environment here, that it is not just a 9 to 5 job. It is something more than that. And I am willing to work on it.

33- Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that? Yeah once I had to fire a person when I was in Egypt. I never wanted to fire him but it was getting out of hand and even after giving 2 chances to that employee, the progress of his work was nil. So, I had to fire him. It felt bad, very bad indeed. But I was helpless. I was loyal to my company and had to think about the good of my company.

34- What is your philosophy towards work? I don’t claim to be a good philosopher, but I believe work is something which is a duty, a responsibility if it is assigned to me. Work demands loyalty and a thirst for improvement. If I can’t give my work justice, I don’t deserve to get that work and I must not take it at all. But any thing that I am assigned to do, needs my full effort, attention and concentration.

35- If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? I told you earlier, I don’t work for money. I mean, even if I had enough money that I don’t need to work anymore, I would definitely not retire. I believe, if I have the talent then it is for as reason. And the reason is that I may be the best person for a job which no one else is. So, I must keep that job no matter how much money have I got.

36- Have you ever been asked to leave a position? No, never by the company. However, I believe leaving a job is not only if I do it on purpose or if I am asked to leave it by the company’s management. Sometimes, circumstances also ask you to leave your job and that is something which has happened to me, as I mentioned earlier. So yeah, my circumstances have asked me to leave the job I had in Egypt.

37- What irritates you about co-workers? Their non- seriousness. If ever a co-worker doesn’t seem serious to me, I really start to resent the person. I believe such a person must never been assigned the job he is assigned. And he doesn’t deserve that job at all.

38- Tell me about your dream job!? My dream job is definitely the one I am applying for. I love to work with people, the management. I like the different types of work in this working environment. I manage people efficiently. I have been good at representing a mob and handling it too. I believe this is exactly what this company offers its employees and I am glad to say that this is exactly my dream job.

39- What kind of person would you refuse to work with? I just can’t tolerate cheaters. When I used to work in Egypt, the guy I fired was a cheater. He cheated the company and even if I was very friendly with him, but I had to get him out. I just simply refused to keep such a person in the office. Even here if I find such a person, it’ll be very tough for me to work with a person who betrays or cheats a company. But I always try to correct those people, since I can never shun working with such a person if I’m not his boss. In that case, I try to correct him through my attitude and I try to make him realize that he is doing wrong.

40- What is more important to you: the money or the work? Definitely work. I believe that money follows you once you have good work and good work experience. The best thing about work is that it never gets you get bored or even old. But money is not the purpose of life to me. It is a necessity of life but not the reason to live. I have had very high salaries in life, but never stuck to the job because of circumstances or type of work. I always value my skills first.

41- What would your previous supervisor say your strongest point is? What my previous supervisors loved about me was that I had energy to work with. I used to put in all my efforts to get a job done, either I have to do it or I have to get it done through someone else. They used to say, my attitude is positive and I really know my work even if I have to learn it first. I used to give creative ideas, so creativity is also a point they feel is good about me. And the best thing they used to say about me was, I was a good problem solver. I used to solve out problems of the company as if they are my own problems. The only bad thing they got me noticed about me was that I lack patience. I just cannot tolerate people who delay the work for no good reason. In such a case, I want them to do the job as soon as possible.

42- Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor!?

I have always had good terms with all of my previous supervisors. Even where I have been supervisor myself, I have had good relations with all my subordinates as well. However one of my previous supervisors had a very calm and slow attitude. He used to tackle things very slowly whereas I used to try my best to solve a problem as soon as possible. This was the only problem I had with my supervisor but off course it is not a very big issue.

43- What has disappointed you about a job? I have never been disappointed by jobs, even if it’s true that I had been expecting more from a job sometimes. But I always understand the situations why my expectations couldn’t have been fulfilled. There are sometimes when I expect more than I should from people related to my job, this is the only thing that disappoints me that people are not loyal to their jobs.

44- Do your skills match this job or another job more closely? I would never have applied to this job if I ever thought that my skills don’t match the job. I like to polish my skills in the practical environment. Plus the only reason I have left my previous job is that it didn’t match my skills. I believe I am not a born sales person. Even if I learnt sales skills and applied them in practical environment, I still was unsatisfied with the job because my skills matched this job. So the only reason I am applying here is that this job perfectly matches my skills.

45- Are you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends? I am prepared for such hectic routine mentally. I believe it’s a part of job work. If you can’t get it done in time, you have got to do it in extra time. Even sometimes things are to be completed in emergencies. I know how difficult it is to work on weekends. But I am prepared for it. Off course, I believe you people pay for overtime as well.

46- Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own? Yeah, pretty much. I am passionate to work here for the past 3 years when I was introduced to this company. Since then, I had always thought, if I ever join this company, I surely will give all my best. Sometimes putting the interest of the organization ahead of mine is very tough, but I have experienced that before and am hoping to look forward to it as well.

47- What have you learned from mistakes on the job? Many a time! The first job I took lasted a year or so. I left it on my own and went to Egypt. Since it was my first job, everything was new, I learnt a lot in working with people. It was hard for me to work with people who were slow in the work environment. I used to pressurize them to work fast. Resultantly, the end result of the work was very poor. I learnt from this that pressure never gives good results.

48- If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for? Management skills, patience and hard work. I know this company needs such people and I’m pretty sure you’re looking for these qualities in me as well. But the thing is, this is the demand of this job. But other than that, I would definitely look of the person is loyal to me, or he is eligible to work in an esteemed company, like this one, or not. And the legibility is not shown by the Resume or the curriculum vitae.. it is shown by his or her attitude towards work. He must be diligent and must give every effort he can for the work at hand.

49- Do you think you are overqualified for this position? Not exactly. There is nothing that makes eI think I am the perfect candidate for this job and this is the perfect job for me. I told you earlier, that this is my dream job. I could never have asked for more. In fact the previous job I left was for the sole reason that I was overqualified for the positions I was assigned at different times there.

50- What qualities do you look for in a boss? I think, a boss must have a nature that adapts to the nature of his subordinates. I mean, he must understand the subordinates and must be helpful to them in every way. He must never get his subordinated under stress. But above all, he must know which job is to be assigned to which person. In other words, he must assign jobs according to the caliber of his subordinates.

51- Describe your work ethic! ?

I believe, work demands dedication and determination. I give all my best in handling people or completing task at hand. I also believe that if you really can accomplish a task of another person when he can’t , you must suggest him ways to accomplish the task. That is not cheating, that is being helpful. So, if it is my work, I must do it. If it is not, then I must not mingle with other’s work but must be helpful when needed. This gives ultimate benefit to the organization.

52- Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job! ?

On my previous job, it was fun that we used to go out on a recreational trip, once in every six months. There used to be a summer trip and a cold winter trip during snow time. Other than that, during work, the best time I have had was during a seminar that I had conducted with my co-workers. We had absolute fun in that seminar because we had different learning activities and interactive presentations.

53- What are your weaknesses? I know I have weaknesses but the biggest weakness I have is the management type of work being offered to me. I think that if ever I am offered management related work, I’ll give it the best I can. Apart from that, chocolates are my weakness. That might sound a bit more comic here but I really love it. Something more to go is the love for fun and entertainment and I believe that you need give time to your personal life as well in addition to being busy with the job.

54- Do you have any questions for me? I am very much aware of the type of work environment I will have to face here, but I really have to ask you that how soon do you give promotions to your employees? Is it on the basis of the work they do or on the basis of the time that an employee has spent in the organization? Plus, I am also interested in knowing, what type of projects would I have to cover initially? Does it matter if I bring in innovative ideas and work according to what I feel is the most suitable way of accomplishing tasks?